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Electronic docuemnt system

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  • Although the usage of electronic documents has increased due to IT technology development, paper documents are still being used along with electronic documents
  • Measures need to be taken in order to safely protect documents from information leakage and forging/falsification along with reducing costs for printing, distributiing, and storing paper documents

The 'Electronic Document System' has been introduced in order to vitalize usage of eletronic documents, as well as enhancing the safety and liability of procution-distribution-storage.

Electronic Document System (production to distribution to storage)
stage problems establishing a safe document environment
Paper documents
Printing (waste of energy, resources)
Difficulties is sharing and searching information
Electronic Documents
Low security (informationleakage, risks of forging/falsification)
Insufficient distribution system(printing paper documents)
Introduction of the Electronic certification system
Introcution of electronic documents, facilities, equipment and certifications system
Paper document
Distribution of documents through human resource and mail risks of document loss and damage
Electronic documents
Low security (infomation leakage, risks of forging/falsification)
Insufficient distribution system
Introduction of cetified electronic address system, designated and certified electronic documents meida
Isecurement of safety and liability concerning transmission and reception of electronic documents(user authentication, non-repudiation, provision of cotent verification feature) Establishment of infrastructure and eletronic documents distribution system
Paper documents
Burdens of installing and managing document rooms
Risks of document damage and corrosion
Electronic documents
risk of security problems due to low security budens of system establishment operation
Introcution of the electronic cetification system
securement of safety and liability of storage managment of electronic documents